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Passion for quality care

Hello pet parents! My name is Carolean, the founder of NYC Canine Care. Here at NYC Canine Care our pet care services are carefully tailored through years of experience, research and a genuine love for animals. Here are our fundamentals.

Keep it Professional

Animals are not simple. They require experienced handling. Most issues are rooted in poor communication or the inability to comprehend. Pets tell us what they want and need but often we are not able to understand. Our walkers/sitters are trained to read body language and interpret vocalizations. We navigate through each relationship with sensibility and comprehension allowing us to solve problems and create an overall better experience. 

Keep it Personal

Pets are family. We acknowledge concerns for safety, trust, and privacy. To invoke a stable relationship that will ease the following concerns we assign 2 walkers/sitters per dog/cat. One main walker/sitter and one back up walker/sitter in case of an emergency. We want our walkers to be an extended part of your family like a nanny. Our four legged friends thrive on routine and clear expectations. Consistency makes experiences less stressful and provides structure. Having 1-2 walkers/sitters prevents unnecessary stress. We find pet parents also appreciate consistency. We understand some pet parents don't want their home to be a revolving door. After all our homes are our safe spaces. We empathize with that! 

Keep it Playful

Dog walking is not just for potty breaks. Physical activity is a great tool for mental stimulation. Dog walking is a great opportunity to exercise, socialize and get some fresh air. Our goal is to provide fun packed experiences during each walk, so your dog returns home satisfied and happy. 

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