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Dog Walking

Dog Pools

Have a neighbor in the building or lives across the street who has a walk at the same time as your pup? Yes! Then let's double up! We will discount you and your neighbor 10% off for each team walk.

Overnight Pet Sitting


3 or more nights are 15% off

Each overnight includes a morning walk and an evening walk. 


5 or more overnights are 10% off

Overnights must be consecutive. Weekend & Holiday fees still apply.

We do not board

Extra Fees

Holidays | $10

Last minute cancellation | 1/2 the price of the service (does not include overnight services)

Please cancel 10hrs prior to appointment

Last minute booking | $8

Weekend Charge | $10

Early walk/visit (before 9am) | $10

Late walk/visit

6pm - 8pm | $10

8pm - 10pm | $15

Discounts & Extra Fees: Outdoor Activities
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