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Dog Walking/Dog Sitting

Dog Walking

15 minute walk | $18

30 minute walk | $23

45 minute walk | $28

60 minute walk | $33

We offer drop off and pick up to/from the groomer depending on walking distance. Please email us your appointment date, time and location to schedule a drop off/pick up. 

Overnight Dog Care

$90 per night

Includes a 30 minute morning walk and 30 minute evening walk, feeding, play time and medicine administration.

$10 extra per additional dog

15% off 3 nights or more. 

Puppy Playtime


Includes pad changes, quick potty break, playtime, feeding and cuddles

Cat Care

Short Term Visits

30 minute visit | $20

60 minute visit | $30

Short term visits include: litter change, feeding, play time and medicine administration.

Overnight Cat Care


Includes feeding, play time, litter change and medicine administration.

Plant Care

Plant Watering $20 


Disease/Bug Treatment $5

Leaf wiping $5

Humidifier Cleaning/Refill $10

Repotting available. Prices vary depending on size/quantity

Disclosure: Our sitters do not make independent plant care decisions. Please leave detailed plant care instructions for our sitters to follow. We do not provide fungicide/insecticide plant solutions. Weekend/Holiday Fees apply

Dog Training

Puppy Training $100/hr

Puppy Package $400.00

6 week training

Our puppy package is geared towards strengthening relationships between puppies and their parents through basic obedience, bad habits prevention, proper on leash walking, potty training, healthy boundaries and socialization.

One class a week. Includes on leash training for fully vaccinated pups. 

Basic Obedience Training (adult dog) $150/hr

Basic obedience training for adult dogs is a great way to formulate a better relationship with your dog as well as provide structure. It can also help inconvient behaviors such as jumping, chewing and barking.

On leash training 75/hr

During on leash training your dog will learn how to properly walk on a leash. We focus on recall, no pulling and correct ways to approach other people and dogs.

Dog/People Reactivity Training $200/hr

In our reactivity training we focus on parent leadership, strengthening relationships between the dog and the owner and building confidence in our dogs.

​To find out what works best for you and your pup contact us with a few details and one of our trainers get back to you as soon as possible.

Weekend/holiday fees apply

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