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Dog Walking/Dog Sitting

Dog Walking

15 minute walk | $18

30 minute walk | $23

45 minute walk | $28

60 minute walk | $33

Overnight Dog Care

$75 per night (10 hours)

Includes a 30 minute morning walk and 30 minute evening walk, feeding, play time and medicine administration.

$10 extra per additional dog

We do not board dogs.

Cat Care

Short Term Visits

30 minute visit | $20

60 minute visit | $30

Short term visits include: litter change, feeding, play time and medicine administration.

Overnight Cat Care

$50 (10 hours)

Includes feeding, play time, litter change and medicine administration.

$5 extra per additional cat

Plant Care

Plant Watering $20 


Disease/Bug Treatment $5

Leaf wiping $5

Humidifier Cleaning/Refill $10

Disclosure: Our sitters do not make independent plant care decisions. Please leave detailed plant care instructions for our sitters to follow. We do not provide fungicide/insecticide plant solutions. Weekend/Holiday Fees apply

Dog Training

We provide the following training methods:


clicker training

counter conditioning

environmental modification


aversion therapy

avoidance therapy



$70 per hour (In person)

$50 per hour (video call)

To find out what works best for you and your pup contact us with a few details and one of our trainers get back to you as soon as possible.

Weekend/holiday fees apply

Services : Outdoor Activities
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